About Blue

San Francisco Bay Area and co-founded 43 Hours Press: the successor to Mercury Retrograde Press, a company dedicated to developing and publishing unconventional authors and stories that would have undeservedly fallen through the cracks of larger houses.


Blue is happiest when in motion. She is a car enthusiast with a charmingly stupid car, and can usually be found within its immediate proximity. She enjoys rallycross, gaming, ranting about movies, and overly complicating perfectly simple cookie recipes. Blue also possesses a frightening amount of knowledge about Sailor Moon.


Blue's debut novel, The Sleeping Seer, will be available November 14, 2017.

Morgan Blue Malory was born and raised in New Jersey, then spent her teenage years living and working in Atlanta, Georgia. The daughter of an author and a Cold War Soviet refugee, Blue grew up steeped in books and stories from myriad cultures. She started work in the publishing industry at age 14, first as a sales representative and design artist, traveling the Southeast convention circuit to market otherwise overlooked works of Science Fiction & Fantasy. In 2016, Blue moved to the