The Sleeping Seer Book One of the Shepherds of the Damned ﷯ "[T]his ambitious tale weaves an intricate tapestry." — Kirkus Reviews

Luke has known for years that there's something wrong with him. In public he channels the insanity into his art and his identity as a rock n roll performer; he's the nexus of Philadelphia's popular "Graffiti Thieves", the epicenter of the party. Privately, he's drowning in dreams and hallucinations—and cut off from the family who could have stabilized him, particularly his younger sister, Ellie. If he could find some way to quiet the mayhem in his head, he might find peace.


Ellie is a high-school senior and the keeper of a dangerous collection of secrets. After her parents died, Ellie found a box full of her mother Maria's belongings: research books, a Tarot deck whose like no one in this world has ever seen, a collection of journals written in an unknown language—and one journal in English, composed specifically for Ellie. In it, tucked between her work to preserve the family's seer heritage, Maria recorded plans to protect her children from the laws of a hidden society of people who might or might not be human. A seer herself, Maria foresaw her early death and began teaching Ellie, through her journals, so Ellie could manage her gift and keep herself and Luke safe. But Ellie can't share her secrets with anyone. She takes what refuge she can among the members of Viper Insane, and all-women street racing gang; waiting for the time when she can tell Luke the truth.


When Luke stumbles into a near-hostage situation with members of the hidden society, the threat against him escalates from potential to all too real. Their harsh, nearly incomprehensible laws endanger both him and those who came into contact with him; if the law doesn't kill him, people who live in fear of it might. Ellie is the only person committed to his protection—and whatever futures she can see, she can't see how to keep him alive.

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